We have chosen to no longer be spectators of global warming but an actor in the protection of the world in which we live. We are fully aware that tourism has an impact on global warming but that it is possible to mitigate or even eliminate the effects. Unfortunately, on a global scale, our contribution remains modest but our goal is to convince you that it is possible to spend wonderful holidays with us with the assurance that they will have little impact on the environment thanks to to the actions we recommend.


Our proposal: Distribute actions in favor of the environment  between our customers and us.


For example, everyone knows that air travel releases greenhouse gases. But should you stop travelling? 

We think not because by coming here, you leave a positive social and economic imprint through your expenses and promote the economic development of the country. You give meaning to your stay.

Finally, we do not forget our social role towards the local population. Thus, we recruit our employees  as a priority in the village then  in the surrounding area, because our wish is that the inhabitants  can concretely benefit from the fallout from the tourism.


So in order to reduce your ecological footprint without compromising a great vacation, here is what we offer:


Visit the website ofGreenseatif you want to know the details of their actions




At the residence Les Alizés, with you, we are agents of change in our sector of activity.

Apart from all the small actions that together we can carry out, it seems to us that it is possible to spend pleasant holidays without a vehicle once arrived on site and therefore without the need to offset CO2 emissions. It is true that the beach, restaurants and small shops are on site. However, we also understand that many of our customers wish to visit the other regions of Mauritius and that is why we offer you solutions to offset your greenhouse gas emissions.

We take the first step and enable you to take the next.